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Why was this built?

I was both fascinated and frustrated by existing tools to track the spread of coronavirus. It was difficult to see which countries were doing a good job slowing the spread of the virus and which countries were new to the scene with exponential growth of new cases.

Simultaneously (and possibly more importantly), coronavirus repeatedly cancelled my travel plans.

With additional free time on my hands, I decided to build something better.

Where does the data come from?

Data is gathered from multiple sources. There are often inconsistencies across various data sources, so data is merged to the best of my abilities.

What is the health score?

The health score is a single metric to quickly assess the overall health of the country. The formula combines:

What are the different mortality rate formulas?

There is no perfect way to compute mortality at this moment until we get more data. Some formula options are:

All three formulas will converge at the same mortality rate as cases are resolved (with a recovery or a death).

Mortality rates are also largely influenced by the amount of testing being done. Countries only testing people in critical condition will have a higher mortality rate.

Why are the country and state numbers different?

The data reporting for state and country data is inconsistent, even within the same data source. Unfortunately I'm at the mercy of the data provided. Please let me know if you have a better data resource for a specific country.

Can you trust the data from [country name]?

The vast majority of countries have some sort of reporting accuracy issue, including data for confirmed cases and deaths. The goal of this tool is to provide an easy way to visualize the data without judging the validity of the nation providing the data.

How do I contact you? (suggestions / feedback / bugs)

Email me! 👋

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